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Poor Business Phone Support

I just called your support line and I've never been quite lied to like this before.  I explained my problem (we have two lines.  The second line is not ringing, just get a beep on the first line.  This has never happened before.).  I explained this to your support person.  They tried the number and my store answered.  Your support person told my staff that the line worked fine and that there was no problem.  When my staff told the person what was happening on line 1 your support person told them that was someone elses line and she could not help them.  My line 1 is NOT someone elses line.  It's my main number with you.  Your support person then told me that my staff told her that everything was working fine and that there was no problem. 


I'm sure that is a quick fix on your side.  However on my side I still have the same problem.


My staff than called me to tell me how rude the support person was.  Talking right over them and not allowing them to explain the problem.  When they asked if there was anything on their end they could look at to resolve the problem your support person said no.  End of call.


If your support cannot help us when there is a problem with service then I need to look at other options for my stores.


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Re: Poor Business Phone Support

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. This is not what we like to hear about from our customers. I can help with the phone service concern. Would you mind sending me a private message your first/last name, address, and the last four digits of your account number so I can help?

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