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Please help!! Which is better – Call Forwarding or Voice Mobility?! (VM is "answerable" - HUGE)

Hurry! I need everyone's opinon before my "time-sensitive" Savings Voucher expires.  I might not be able to wait until the next limited time offer arrives tomorrow.


Comcast says I should get Voice Service because it has "VOICE MOBILITY"  That means, "calls can be automatically re-routed and answerable."


If I understand correctly, Comcast has a real innovation on its hands.  Do they mean that when a call is "re-routed" or shall we say, "forwarded" to a different number – that call can actually be answered??  It does not just ring and do nothing? Welcome to the future, indeed. Yay Go Comcast Go Comcast Go Comcast.


I wonder why the Call Forwarding people never thought of making their calls answerable too.  Well, lucky us. As we are the select tier - the dignified, well-respected, and most profitable customers of Comcast I believe we should all send thank you notes to Comcast for investing in our future success with valuable services such as "Voice Mobility."  I can't help but laugh at all the fools still using "Call Forwarding."  When MY business succeeds (and now it will, for sure!) I have no doubt it will all be because of Comcast.  If only there was a way to give them some extra money.  Come on Comcast, maybe you should scale back the amazing deals and only send me a "savings voucher" every other day. (kidding! 2 per day is fine).


(Even better, for those of you still reading, Call Forwarding is also listed, as a seperate feature.  So hurry!  For those times when you are dealing with a less sophisticated, less shall we say, intelligent customers or shall we say, victims.  Or really just anytime you are expecting a call from fools you simply don't respect even though they pay your salary.

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