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Issues with porting google voice number to my comcast landline



When I first signed up for comcast business, I was told by the sales person to get a google voice number and then they could port it into my comcast landline.

Situation was I was opening a new business and needed to submit an order for an awning about 3 months before I opened and needed a phone number on the sign.

I've had a bad experience so far with the Comcast employees.  First person I spoke to did not tell me I needed to unlock google voice on my end so after 1 week my request wa denied.  Yesterday I spoke to another rep who walked me through unlocking my google voice and had me resign the form to port my google voice over to comcast as a landline.  She said to call comcast today to make sure they received everything.  I spoke to another comcast rep today who said they recevied everything but I need to contact google voice to port my number over...there is no contact number for google voice.

I open next wednesday and need this issue resolved.  Please help!  Thank you!

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Re: Issues with porting google voice number to my comcast landline

Hello jsung425,


Sorry for the delay, have your numbers ported over yet? 

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