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Identify Forwarded Calls to Cell

When a call is not answered at the office, it rings to my cell but I can't tell if this is a personal call, or a call that has been forwarded. Where in the system do I set this up? THANKS!

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Re: Identify Forwarded Calls to Cell

Hello BoardAndBrush and welcome to the business forums.


Thanks for your question on how to tell the difference between forwarded calls from your business and personal calls. I can definitely understand needing to know what tone you would need to use. 


You would need to set up a feature called Distinctive Ring. Distinctive Ring allows you to provide a unique ring or call waiting tone for incoming calls by setting rules for the incoming call based on the phone number, time of day or day of the week. 


For a Voice Edge account, you can follow this guide:

For Business accounts, you can follow this one:


Please let me know if you need anything. 

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