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Constant repetitive line drop mixed with awful service

When I first switched from AT&T I was happy to be rid of them and very satified with Comcast Biz. Then they could not get the name of my company correct and foced me to take hours to resolve this. Because of this I was able to identify the them as cause of my getting hundreds of solicitations by mail and the newly transfered nunber.


I do sales webinars from my office. There is a problem with Comcast lines that causes a drop for 5-8 seconds  every 7-8 minutes. It is not problematic unless you have to conduct 3-4 hour sessions online. When I reported this, they sent a technicialn that same day!! I had hope, but the next day the problem continued and I almost lost a client. Then they got defensive and b lamed me, ev3n though they had admitted. I asked for a supv. and Walley gave me a good feeling about understanding and going to any length to get it fixed. When this did not happen, Walley would not come to the phone. 3 times I left messages that if I did not get a fix today, or at least a return call, I would swithc. They didnt and I did. Now I am told that since I do not want to speak with  a technician to fix the problem, I must have som CXXX that I never heard of before, in order to cancel


I think we have made AT&T better at least they seem so, this far. Comcast is great until you have a problem!

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