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Cannot block "NO DATA" spam callers

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Cannot block "NO DATA" spam callers

The spam calls have been getting much worse.  I contacted support, who suggested I create spam blockers and enter each number individually.  Been there, done that. It is a useless task.  The spammers just keep changing their phone numbers. It is not MY job to spend an hour a day signing on to my account and entering phone numbers.  It is hugely distracting from my production here at the office. I have received at least 6 "NO DATA" calls this morning between 9-11 am.  It's up to COMCAST to listen to all their business voice customers and come up with the software to avoid this issue.  I use NOMOROBO at home, and even that has begun to fail as more robocalls are getting through.  DO SOMETHING NOW!!!

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Re: Cannot block "NO DATA" spam callers

I know that the spam callers are really frustrating to deal with. There are options to address the obnoxious calls, aside from blocking each number:


This article has a section specifically about how to reject anonymous calls: .


There is also the option to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry (the information to do so can be found near the bottom of this article): .


We are always working to improve the services we offer and will continue to work to get all spamming stopped.