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Re: Can't Log In To Business Digital Voice Webpage

What happened to this thread? I am having the exact same problem. I have had three tickets and still no solution. I have a constant loop where I attempt to login and it just resets and asks me for the login information again. Help!
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Re: Can't Log In To Business Digital Voice Webpage

DAE23870 - Still no resolution to primary problem (email notification (w link) of a business phone message does NOT take us to the login page for Comcast Business Class (phone or otherwise) but rather takes us to the main Xfinity login page - WRONG). This continues to be very frustrating and clunky...


The only workaround I've found is to bookmark the link to the Comcast Business Class voice login on every device I have/ can:


 When you get the email notification with the wrong link, it's nothing more than a prompt to go to your bookmarked link and access your business voicemail from there...


We continue to pay extra every month for that Smiley Wink...sigh


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