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Caller ID inbound only shows "incomming call"

Perhaps I can get some help here.  I have been trying to fix this problem for a year!  Yes -  a WHOLE YEAR! 


Around March of last year my incoming calls no longer showed caller id information it only showed Incoming call. I called comcast and they told me they would look into the problem. A day or so later I got a call saying everything was fine on their end and that it showed the caller id was coming through.


NOPE - no caller Id. 


Called back and they went through the same thing again except they said if it's still not working then it must by my phone and that I would need to get a different one.  I actually had just got new phones about 3 months prior so I plugged my older phone back up and still no caller ID.    I went and bought a new phone and still no caller ID. 


Fast forward two months and several calls later I got the same run-a-round and became so angry that i said to heck with it.


I went with no caller ID and just had to suffer the numerous calls each day from solicitors trying to update my web listings, selling something, or wanting to help improve my google ratings.  This is why caller ID is so important because I don't have time to answer calls like this. 


All of a sudden one day in December 14th I noticed the caller id had 2 names and numbers on it and I thought wow, a miracle and it's finally working.  However, that was short lived. It took about 4 more days before another number showed up.


I also had a couple days in January and one day in February and  a day in March that it worked.  I have had more then 450 calls in the last year I would assume and my caller ID shows 14.   Yes, 14 calls for the entire year.


I recently re signed a 2 year contract with comcast PROVIDING they got my caller id working.  The person to re sign the contract was more then happy to have me sign the contract but yet I never heard back from him about fixing the caller ID.


So I have been going through the same process that I did last year. I have talked to 3 different people so far on 3 different days. The first person told me "ohh, it was turned off, i turned it on and it should be working now"    NOPE


Next day I called because last person said it should be working but its not.  This person says " you have to wait 72 hours" ok, fine I'll wait 72 hours... I mean , I 've been waiting for more then a year now... what's 72 hours?


I get a voice mail yesterday saying "we've looked into your problem and everything is working now"  - NO IT's NOT!


I have begged for them to send someone out to my office and switch out the equipment because I went to the local office and they told me "we can't do anything with the business end of comcast" we can't switch anything we can't do anything.

So,  I keep getting told when I speak to comast business they "they don't need to send anyone out because it's an internal problem"   YES!  Apparently  the problem is that you keep saying it's working now and it's showing that it's working now- BUT IT"S NOT! 


I am so MAD about this - it's crazy that I have to deal with this, it's even more crazy that I see commercials saying "COMCAST BUSINESS GUARANTEE yet the only thing they Guarantee is that you have to pay outrageous bills every month - for guaranteed service that you DO NOT GET!


Someone please help - Because the only thing I know to do is set it all on fire (what I asked the representitive tonight if I had to do in order to get someone out there)  or should I put it in the toilet - then they will have a reason to replace the equipment or fix the issue or something!

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