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Call forwarding Holiday Schedule

I tried to set up a "holiday" schedule for calls to forward to our answering service during the Independence Day holiday for our site 2.  It was not successful--customers were not forwarded until our normal schedule took over at the end of the afternoon when we would normally close.


I reached out to the PIVOT team--the answer was "I took a quick look, it seemed everything was set up properly if you were to call the PostMan number and the Ripon main number (both site 1) because the schedules were added to their Call Forward Selective settings, but I did not see that set up at the other site (site 2). The schedule was built, but once you are done you have to add it in your Call Forward selective criteria in order for it to work."


I am logged in as an EA, but cannot find the settings to change. I don't remember being shown this in the walk-through Smiley Sad


Thank you!

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Re: Call forwarding Holiday Schedule

Hello CathyAdams  and welcome to forums,


I apologize but I would not be able to post all of the complex steps in completing your request. You can contact our Business Voice Edge support team at 1-877-761-7401 and they would be happy to walk through this with you. Again I apologize for not being able to provide the direct information here but please feel free to post or message with future questions.


Thank You

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