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Call Forwarding Busy not working

I dial *90 to set up "Call Forwarding Busy", add the destination (rollover to another of our Comcast numbers) and am told the feature was successfully added. But it does not work. I don't see any mention of this issue in the Forumand I can't figure out how to login in online to manage it.

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Re: Call Forwarding Busy not working

Hello jmckee and welcome,


*90 to activate CFB and *91 to deactivate CFB should work fine. Are you testing it by calling your #1 TN and then staying on the #1 TN and calling #1 TN again to see if it is rolling over to the TN you want it to do so?  Also when you entered the #1 TN CFB TN did you enter a 10 digit TN? Lastly, you should be able to also log into your online Digital Voice Portal and check to make sure this is setup correctly as well.


Let us know if you need additional assistance.



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