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Business Phone transfer two weeks behind

Business Phone transfer two weeks behind

I contacted Comcast 10/10/17 to discuss our businessses move. We were considering cancelling our phone service for a different provider, but after speaking with the rep we dicided to keep it. Our contract was signed 10/13/17 He informed us that the transfer would happen automatically, and would be fast and easy since Comcast had previously been at our new location. We needed to have both offices operating at the same time for a few days, so he set us up some temporary numbers and a temporary static IP. These would be in place from 10/24 to 10/26 and our old numbers would transfer 10/27. 


Everything was set up on 10/24 in our new space with our temp info. Then 10/27 came and our number and static IP did not change. I called (twice) and got someone to fix the Static IP. They said the phone may not happen until Monday - which I said was fine we would deal with the one day of no service. Monday 10/30 still not our correct phone number. Called again. They now said that "Something got screwed up" and it can take up to two weeks for a transfer. I told them they had more than two weeks with the notice we gave them. Two weeks for a business not to have their phone number is unacceptable. He then told me he would rush it and it would be done Thursday 11/2 at the latest. Thursday - still no phone number. I called again and was told that they were putting an escalation on it and someone would call me with 4 hours. I received no phone call. Nothing for four days. I called again on Monday and was basically told that there was an escalation and someone is working on it but they have no idea when it will be fixed. 


Our business has been without our main phone number for 12 days now. We are about ready to cancel our service completely. Not just phone, but the entire package. We are overcharged and now are losing money becasue of Comcast. There is no reason why this should happen. It makes no sense. Not one person has offered to help beyond an apology (sometimes) and an escalation, which apparently is meaningless. No one can explain why this has happened or when it will be fixed. This has been the worst part of our business' move by far. This is my last attempt for resolution. 

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Re: Business Phone transfer two weeks behind


Hi TransportationChoice and welcome to the business forums.


I apologize in regards to your experience and I would like to assist with your phone number. Please private message me your full name, the account number, your best contact number and your current address.

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Re: Business Phone transfer two weeks behind

I am having teh same peoblem with my phone as they replaced my 20 year old phone number that I have been doing business with some new number. My customers are now unable to call in to place orders so my business is impacted but yet Comcast doesn't seem to care as I have been calling at least 10x in the last 2 days with 4 tickets open and still no one called me back when I was promised after 4 hours and so on.

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