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Turning off voicemail

Hey there,


I recently have switched over to comcast at my restaurant.  The problem I'm having is that I have a local answering machine at my business, but the comcast voicemail keeps picking up 1st and sometimes I'm not getting my voicemails on a timely manner.  It is just easier to get them right there on my desk in front of me.  Is there a way to turn it off?

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Re: Turning off voicemail

Hello sonicman2,


Welcome to the forum.

To turn off voicemail service, you will need to contact our business support (1-800-391-3000).

Please, wait for a prompt that is inquiring for "upgrade" or "downgrade" your service.


When speaking with our business support agent, ask for removal of voicemail service on both "billing" and "switch".

This will remove the voice mail service from your account.


Thank You

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