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Do you ever get that feeling like you're being ignored by Support?

When I call in to business class support (bcs) in a couple of minutes, it will be the 8th time to call for the same problem.


And I would think it would be an easy problem to resolve.  I have to say that almost all of the bcs representatives have been more than pleasant and they sure do sound like they know what they should do to solve the problem.  (except for a rep named Aden.  He is about as smart as a bag of hammers.)  They all act quickly and with authority they tell me the problem is solved, and even when I ask them to verify that the problem has taken affect they respond back it will take up to 45 minutes to propagate through out the system.  So they have an easy out and can just pass the buck and never solve the actual problem.


But after each call, the problem is still there.  


On call number 6, I spoke to a nice gentleman named Rob.  Rob could sense my frustration and told me he and his supervisor would look into it.  Except for having to listen to Kenny G on hold for, I'm guessing here, 5 to 7 minutes, I felt the call finally got the attention it needed.  Rob said they didn't know what was going on, but they had escalated the problem to "Tier 2" and they would get back to me in 4 hours.


Fast forward 24 hours later, and I'm wondering why I haven't heard from a "Tier 2" bcs rep.  So I call again.  No one has touched the problem and there is nothing I can do can to escalate it, according to the rep I spoke with.  I told the rep please note that I called and if you can flag it as urgent.  That was 4 hours ago and still nothing.


So, I'm curious.  Comcast?  What do you tell your bcs reps to tell the customer on their 8th call regarding the same problem?  At what point to you actually wake up and note that your customers are being ignored?


I am the only only IT tech for my company so when there is a problem with a computer, the network, a phone, software, I even get facilities problems, I make sure the problem is solved or if its not I tell my customers (my fellow employees) why and what I'm doing about it.  


Since the problem I'm calling Comcast about is a phone related issue on 3 of the telephone lines supplied by Comcast, I told my fellow employees (2 weeks ago) that I would have it fixed by the next day.  My customers called me back the day after and told me the problem still existed.  Imagine that repeated 5 times.  I am looking really bad to my customers right about now and there is nothing I can do about.  


Thank you, Comcast.

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Re: Do you ever get that feeling like you're being ignored by Support?

Nice.  Almost another 24 hours later... and I still haven't received a call back from Tier 2.  That's a great way to run a support organization.  

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