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Business Class Call Forwarding, Voice Mail Unreliable

I have had several issues with my Business Class Voicemail.  I'm on the go quite a bit and I wish I could rely on call forwarding and voicemail.  I have had issues with both.  It seems the only reliabe option at the moment is to use the web interface to set forwarding to my google voice account so I can be sure I never miss calls or voicemail.  When using the web interface I have had problems with setting the number of rings before Comcast Voice Mail picks up... always seems to be set to 6 rings (I want 3!)... and no matter how many times I save the change it never sets.  Lately it will say 6 rings, yet if the phone does ring... it simply rings and rings and rings... no voicemail.  I've tried calling Comcast Business Class Support, only to be routed through the never-ending menu options, over and over, entering my account info multiple times.  Last call this happened, I had been through the menu twice entering my account info, a service rep answered, asked which number I dialed, explained I called the One and Only Biz Class Support number, and she informed me that she didn't handle Biz Class Service.  She forwarded me to a Biz Class Tech... Finally!  Someone who can help me!  He asked me what he could help me with and while explaining my issues... lo and behold... call was disconnected.  I was calling from my Business Class Landline calling Business Class Support... and I get disconnected.  EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH COMCAST BUSINESS CLASS!!!


I have given up trying to use the Xfinity Mobile app on my android phone as it never seemed to actually update call forwarding (either turning it on or off) and I was not getting notifications of all new voicemails my clients left.  


Comcast:  This is a breach of contract.  I have been paying for service which I cannot rely on to run my business.  Instead, I am forced to use Google Voice (a free service by the way) to have reliable Voice Mail and be sure I can stay in touch with my clients.  You should really reconsider the name "Comcast BUSINESS CLASS".  It really isn't business class if it doesn't work reliably and if you can't service your customer.  Just as I am faced with my upset clients, losing them, losing their business, and earning a bad reputation because "Comcast BUSINESS CLASS" does not do what it is supposed to do.  Comcast Business Class has made my business look like a joke.  I am posting here as I no longer know how to get my issues resolved.  Hopefully there is a solution!  Otherwise, I may just cut ties, and let you eat the rest of the 3 year contract.  I will not continue to pay for a service that is not performing... just as my clients have taken their business elsewhere... I will have to as well.


Shawn Wandell 

Powell, TN