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Re: Listing of all channels offered by package

I called in to customer support 3 times asking for a channel lineup for Boston Financial district. The first 2 times the reps said they would email me one. First rep emailed for a completely different area; 2nd rep didn't email anything; 3rd rep was at least honest and (after 5 minutes on hold) said that he couldn't find it. Guys, it's not that hard--print (or put available online) a channel line up with CHANNEL NUMBERS by package.  Someone deep in the comcast headquarters must actually know this information.  And yes, it would be really useful to know what channels/definition are available by package.


Count me as an unhappy customer.

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Re: Listing of all channels offered by package

Hello klubar et al,


I believe Comcast provides the most recent and updated Business Customer (BC) TV channel listing information here .Comcast administers many changes on TV channels, broadcasting networks, and contractual stipulations that make it very difficult to maintain. However, Comcast does provide this information typically online at the aforementioned link or a call into the 1-800-391-3000 Option 1 will be able to get your most recent available and consolidated BC channel listings for all packages available.  

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