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Missing channels (Comcast is a lie)

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Missing channels (Comcast is a lie)

We became Comcast customers since September 2012 (Internet, voice and TV). The package I purchased had multiple channels. This week a lot of channels were removed. When I called technical service they said that after an audit they decided that those channels were not supposed to be in the package, If I want them back I have to pay an extra fee. It is not fair. We deserve respect. I feel treated as a 3rd class customer. I am thinking seriously to bring this issue to the consumer agency and file a complaint then cancel the contract. I thought that Comcast was customer oriented company with a good reputation but I just realized that I made a mistake .

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Re: Missing channels (Comcast is a lie)



Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the post.  We conduct routine audits to review service packages, and at times, we find discrepancies that are then corrected.  It sounds like this was the situation, and we apologize for the original error.   





Re: Missing channels (Comcast is a lie)

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Re: Missing channels (Comcast is a lie)

Did Comcast help you with this? We have the same issue and I am told we have to pay $225.00 per month to have one channel (48) back!

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