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When I subscibed to comcast business for my bar, I was told then that I could broadcast television to my customers.  Just yesterday, I was told this again and additionally that comcast pays fees to copyright protectors such as ASCAP, BMI ect.

This is evidently not entirely true.  These entities can still claim additional fees.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Comcast has been next to no help

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Re: Copyright

Hello mmhouse,


Comcast has television broadcasting contracts, etc. with many networks. However, the Business Class Television (BCTV) is setup in two categories:

Private View : is for businesses that have waiting rooms, employee break rooms, car dealers, and do not draw in clients due to the tv service or specific events. This is the private view TV information. 


Public View : is for businesses that use TV to attract their client into their business structure like bars, restaurants, etc. This is the public view TV information.


Comcast also is taxed by local and state governments for TV and telephone services. Some of this is distributed across the customer subscriber base. 

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Re: Copyright

I am aware, but all should be aware that the public view contracts do not cover the business for public display