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Channel Lineup

When will we be able to see the channel lineup, both for our own service and for the other service levels? On my account's support page, I simply get:


We're working to give you greater access to your Comcast Business TV service. Please check back soon to see your complete detailed, interactive channel lineup.


If I knew I was buying a beta service, I might have tried to negotiate a discount.




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Re: Channel Lineup

Hello GeorgeBoyce,


Welcome to the forum.

We do apologize for the late reply to your query.

Let us assist but can please clarify a few items for us?

1. What was the internet browser you were using to access the channel lineup page?

2. Do you have any other error while you using the Myaccount portal?


Thank You


(Please ignore this post if your issue has been resolved, but we would appreciate if you give us an update regardless of it.)

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