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Broken Promises on Business Account

When we made our switch to comcast business, we were made promises that were not fullfilled.  Our main decision to switch our internet, phone and tv was based on pricing and having available certain channels such as the NFL Network.  I was very careful to state this to the representative.  She promised us that we would have the two sports channels were were most interested in...NFL Network and BIG 10 Network.  We just now found out (2 months later) that we do not have the NFL Network???  Your webpage that lead us to even consider your package even states that we would be able to get the NFL Network.  If this doesn't get changed, we will be looking into steps we need to take to remove us from our obligations and filing a complaint with the BBB as this is an unfair business practice.  It was costly for us to switch our internet with hosting solutions already in place, etc.  We will be asking for such costs to be reimbursed as well. 


The other broken promise was a wifi hotspot.  The representative promised us this.  After the installation guy installed everything else but not that, I called her.  She said that we should be getting it and that she would look into it after her meeting and get back to me.  I never got such a call.


After going through three different pieces of faulty equipment replacements and dealing with these issues, we are very upset.  We advertise to our customers that they could watch tonight's football game and now they can not.