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Update Internet Connectivity for select Static IP customers with Netgear devices

Comcast Engineers identified an issue affecting select Static IP Comcast Business Internet subscribers with Netgear CG3000 routers who were unable to surf the Internet. As of 2PM EST on 10/7 new code was pushed to Netgear devices that had been impacted to fix the issue. If you believe you experienced issues, have Comcast Business Static IPs AND the Netgear CG3000 device, please powercycle and allow the new firmware to load.


An additional note if there are still connectivity issues, you have Static IPs AND the Netgear CG3000 device; Customers using their own Belkin routers attached to the CG3000 may still experience an issue. please power cycle both the Comcast Netgear device and your owned Belkin router to allow for firmware updates.

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