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trying to give you feedback about alarming billing email

I had a hard time on your website trying to figure out how to leave simple feedback for you, but that is beside the point.  Here I am now.


I paid my comcast business account online , and it went well.  It costed $143.95.  Anyway.  The email I got on my android phone confirming the online payment said that $14395 was charged to my account.  Needless to say, I was somewhat alarmed.  It turns out, that the notification on my android phone for emails doesn't really let the html in a email control fonts.  Thus, in the actual email, the 95 was superscripted.  But in my notification, it just said that you took 14 grand from my credit card. 


Anyway, you might want to consider adding an actual decimal point to your email, rather than relying on different email client's ability to display the font that you think they are displaying.  All is well with me, but you might get a client with a poor heart.  Smiley Happy


Also, it would be nice if you made it easier to submit simple feedback to your website without me having to dig around for it.

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Re: trying to give you feedback about alarming billing email

Hello whoami welcome to the forum,


Sorry for any confusion and thank you for the feedback. We will be sure to pass this information along to the proper group. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Thank you


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