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terrible customer service and billing issues

We just switched our internet and phones to business instead of residential, it has been a total nightmare!! I just found out when I received my 1st bill that the amount I was suppose to pay isn't what I am being billed after literally hours of being on hold and transferred to many different place I was finally just disconnected.  Also when we changed our services our agent advised that we would automatically have the residential service cancelled well in fact that is not true you must cancel it yourself, I finally got someone in corporate to help me with that, but now they want to charge me an outrageous fee to come out and exchange the cable boxes.  I called the residential department tonight to discuss the fee afer being on hold 45 minutes the women who took my call said hold on and literally transferred me back to voice mail on the business side and they were closed.  The last few day has been the worst experience of any customer service I have ever experienced from any company.  I have spent over 3 hours on hold trying to get things resolved and many of my issues still have not been resolved

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