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setting up tech visit

I'm currently without a phone(broken) and my internet is not working, is there online chat with comcast business to set up tech visit?


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Re: setting up tech visit

Hello jonmjones,


I sorry that your Comcast Digital Voice and High Speed Internet are in outage situation at your business. This forum is the closest facility to contacting a bonafide Comcast representative for assistance. However, your quickest technical assistance would be to contact 1800-391-300 from a friend's cell or neighbor's telephone.  


Lastly, if you have online access to your Business Class Portal then you can use this to determine online issues with you services. 

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Re: setting up tech visit


Sorry to hear about the issues, in order to get this to the proper group (assuming you have some access to the web via mobile or another source) can you please PM me your account number?

Thank you,


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