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receiving a refund for cancelled services

I cancelled my service feb1 and because my number took a month to port, I am being told that I have to pay the full month after the transfer


I have talked to so many people and ticket numbers and each time I get a different answer,  I was told last month that I would get the full refund from feb 1 thru when they kept deducting out of my account  and also the extra modem fee for 2 months that they sent and I did not request


HOWEVER< I am not being told that is wrong and they will refund me $4, I kept pressing and giving the ticket and they said the tickets are closed,  how can that be when I never received a refund or phone call.  

NOW the created yet another ticket and state I am not entitled the full refund as the porting did not complete for a month

This never happened with ATT.  The analogy they give is if you have a car  payment and do not use the car, you still need to make the payment--  how rediculous,  I did not use the phone, internet, cable or even have their equipment

I had an install from another co on feb 1, returned equip feb 3 (and the service center would not issue a receipt, stating it is in the computer-  well now they tell me they did not get ALL the equipment back!!!)


SO  for a month,  I am paying both cable providers

Tell me if this is not insane!! and why they keep closing tickets and changing the refund I am getting


I am ready to call the tv station problem solvers and let me tell you NO ONE in my social network  will EVER get comcast

My coworker is wating over 6 months for a refund


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: receiving a refund for cancelled services

HI winnepoah. I'm sorry that this issue has continued without resolution.  Please send me a private message with the Comcast account number and I will engage the appropriate Retention Team to assist with resolution.


Thank You

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