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problems with account

I closed an office and called Comcast to tranfer that phone number to second location, completed a disconnect form and signed a new contract for the second location on 4/16/2013


I've spend HOURS on the phone trying to get this resolved!


Was finally told that I cannot transfer phone number due to differect billing areas (rep should have know that), however, that being said line is still not disconnect AND I have was charged AGAIN for it!!!  Even though I had cancelled my automatic payment, Comcat took $141.52 out of my bank account on 5/15/13  for an account that should have been disconnect on 4/16/2013.


I've asked several times to have the name corrected on my bill, that still has not been done.


I signed a contract to have two phone lines and I still do not have two phone lines.


I asked rep when will these issues be resolved and she says she doesn't know why it hasn't but cannot guarantee when it will be completed.


I asked when will I recieve my refund...again she has no idea.  I asked how will I be refunded, again no answer.


At this point, I do not know what to do, where to go, who to call, I just want to get these issues resolved so that I do not have to worry about it any more.


Who can assist???

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Re: problems with account



I can assist you with this matter. Could you please send me a Private Message with your Business Acct number and I will look into into this issue?




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