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never signed the 36 month contract

Recently, I closed my business and called the comcast customer service to disconnect my service for two years. I was told that I have to pay 75% of the one year since I signed 3 years contract. I asked to send me the contract via email since I did not sign any documents. The representative sent me the contract and she told me it was signed electrically.  I have been never informed about the contract period and I did not sign on the contract. Now, the representative told I have to pay the fee because I broke the contract. When it was installed, I was not even there. Now, the comcast  show me a electric signature of my name which I did not sign or agree. I feel really unpleasant about how the comcast made the signature of me without my permission and used it to prove to take money from my pocket. .    

Can SOMEONE, ANYONE PLEASE contact me regarding my problems!

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