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getting charged for static IP

Hello.  I just got charged $19.95 for a static IP about 21 months into my 2 year contract.  I was never told about any static IP charges when I signed up for business service.  I still have the original contract which shows $99.85/month.


Also I need to know what will happen if I cancel the voice portion of my service.  Will I pay an early termination fee?  How much?  Will dropping voice cause me to enter another contract period?



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Re: getting charged for static IP


Hello  quesker and welcome,


If your orginal Service Order Agreement has a staticIP is was 14.95, 21 months ago. This increased in 2015 in this link, fyi   If you currently do not have a staic IP address, simply call 800-391-3000, used billing option, provide your Comcast account number then ask the billing agent to check your account for any static IP. If you do  not have one then an adjustment will be provided to you.


If you want to find out about your removal of your voice services, use the about contact number, but use remove or disconnect services option.


Hope this helps you out.