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feeling exploited

I have had two Comcast relationships for many years; a business and residential account.  I have paid Comcast over these two relationships several tens of thousand of dollars.  When I call, (unfortunately which is regularly) I am told that I am one of their most valued customers.


I work for a big company in a 56 story building and although my company occupies 3 floors of the buiilding I maintain my own Comcast account which is a Comcast Business account.  My company has recently made decisions that have forced me to terminate my Comcast Business account and in spite of having my Comcast Business account since September 2011, Comcast wants to now charge me $2,400 to simply close my account.  I agreed to a 3 year term of service and being in my 5th year of service, I have more than satisfied this period of time.


I have now tried 3 times to terminate my account unsuccessfully. 


Comcast has promised to escalate my issue on two separate occasions through their "customer loyalty" department.  Both promised remain unanswered. (big surprise)  I am in my second month of dealing with this with no real measurable progress to speak of.  I spent close to an hour on the phone today, again with Danette in the "customer loyalty" department and again, with promises to expect two separate emails from her as well as a request that she too would escalate this issue.  Nothing yet and I have zero expectations that anything will ever happen from the hour I spent and will never get back.


It appears that the only way to get anything done is to post in this forum.  I have learned to not only document all of my calls but also record all of my calls "for quality assurance".


Not feeling like the "valued and loyal customer".  Feeling exploited and frustrated.  Ready to take this to the next level.

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Re: feeling exploited

Don't wait.  This is the beginning of months of frustration and wasted time. 

First - cancel service - make sure that the business service is cancelled. 

Take it to the next level NOW. 

That is my best and most concise advice.  This is not going to get better any time soon without continued and concerted action on your part.

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