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This complain is for comcast business loyalty team, you can find out what happened on you system by this complain#.

I felt was tricked 2 times by comcast ( slaes rep. and loyalty team). Sales rep. told me downgrade can lower the price and actually NOT, because I received $100 more bill for lower speed and he didn't tell me that i can't go back to the previous promot plan if apply for downgrade. So I called the customer service for this situation and kerry contacted the loyalty team, they agreed to offer me the previous promot plan........BUT I checked bill online after 1 week, there is nothing changed and I called again, the customer service said "loyalty team" left a message that comcast don't have same promote plan and can't offer that deal, then she offer me $30/month discount for 6 monthes, told me to call after 6 monthes to recontract for better deal.

Are you guys always treat customer like this?  Comcast has responsible for whate you said!!!



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Re: complain#

Hello Nancy-H 


Please see your private messages for an update on your case. 


Thank you 

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