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bill increase after move

I will be moving soon, and when I inquired about the "mechanics" of the move, I was told that not only will I be assessed a $200 one-time fee, but my price will also increase about $20/month for the exact same service. So far, I have not been charged for my modem, which I guess I should have been shared for all along.


Has anybody had any luck just moving the modem itself and plugging it into the cable? The new location is a couple blocks away from the old one and currently has residential service. Via twitter, @comcastcares offered to waive the $200 fee, but not the $20/month increase. It pushes the total price of the service beyond of what my employer allows for reimbursement.


Been a 10-year customer with Comcast business class, and sick of the "boil the frog" style price increases.


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