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Worst service EVER for transferring services

I don't really even know where to begin on how AWFUL of an experience i've had the past month trying to transfer our Comcast Business phone and internet to our new location. Over a month ago I let my contact at Comcast Business know our offices would be relocating. At the time i did not have an exact move in date, and told my contact as soon as i knew i would let him know to do the necessary paperwork. I had explained EXACTLY what needed to be done for the move, what was moving, and what was already set up at the new location. Two weeks ago i found out our exact move in date, and IMMEDIATELY called my contact to let him know. Days went by with no response so I again reached out to him. This time I was told he no longer could help me with a transfer and would forward my information on to someone in retention. (Could have told me this as soon as I had contacted him regarding a move in date, but didn't.) A woman in retention reached out to me, told me she would draw together the necessary paperwork. During all of this, no one had once said what i wanted to move and do would be impossible, i was told by both contacts everything could be done. So i was e-mailed paperwork, i immediately signed it and sent it back to the new contact in retention. After two days i asked for a follow up with no response. I had to reach out to my old contact to try to get some sort of response from the retention department. Once i finally did this i was told the paperwork was incorrect and i would have to sign it again. Again, immediately once i received the paperwork, i signed and e-mailed back. Still no transfer date of service. Finally I called Comcast myself to try to get some sort of help. I was given the number for the scheduling department (not even transferred, the customer service rep said he could only take a message) and when i called i was told my paperwork had just been put in that day. Called again the next day and still could not get a transfer date. After losing patience at this point i emailed both my contact and the retention department my entire situation expressing my disconcern for the way i have been treated. I was then told i could not transfer my numbers. TWO sets of paperwork, over a week and was just NOW told they could not transfer my numbers. Was then asked to fill out paperwork for a THIRD time, and still have yet to receive this paperwork or still have no transfer date. ABSOLUTELY WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. 


If we did not have a contract and were desperate to just move into our new building and be up and running, i would leave Comcast Business in an instant. I have never been so stressed and displeased with a company in my entire life.

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Re: Worst service EVER for transferring services

Hi mandraccounting.  I apologize for the problems that you've encountered with having your services transferred to your new location.  Please send a private message with the address of the new location, the phone numbers that will need to be transferred and I will follow up with the Business Service Center.


Thank You

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