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Where is 60 day notice come from?


Where is 60 day notice come from?

Comcast need to get their customer service straight. Last week I called to ask about my internet contract. Wonder is my 2 years is up. I told the customer rep that if my 2 yes contract is up I plan to disconnect my account due to I no longer in business. Why the customer rep didn't told me that if I disconnect my account their is 60 day notice. Since I didn't know about it I disconnect my account to find out their is 60 day notice. Now I has to pay the service I no longer use. No way I come back to Comcast again.


I go back and read the agreement again, there is no 60 day notice upon disconnect.

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Re: Where is 60 day notice come from?



We apologize for the inconvenience. However, the 60 day notice for any disconnection request is outlined in the original agreement you signed to get services. Again, we apologize this was not communicated to you again when you called and spoke with our representative. I am happy to pass along that recommendation to that representatives team to ensure that information is shared with customers in the future. 


In the mean time, is there anything else that we can assist with? - JLS

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Re: Where is 60 day notice come from?

just had my services disconnected only to find out i am still billed for 60 days. where in the original agreement does this say that? it does NOT. The loyalty department who took  care of closing my account never mentioned that I had to continue to pay for non existent services for 60 more days. this is a complete scam on comcasts part. no one can even show where it is in the original agreement. If the rep did not mention it, we should not have to pay for something that doesnt exist in the original agreement period. 

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Re: Where is 60 day notice come from?

Hi jtran welcome to the support forums.


I am sorry to hear we will be losing you as a customer. The 60-day notification policy is outlined under article 5 of the terms and conditions for Comcast Business services. Please let me know if you need anything.

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Re: Where is 60 day notice come from?

Actrually, no, the 60 day notice (and also the early termination fee) are mentioned (as of today, at least -- with no way of proving they were present at the time that anyone in particular signed any contract) at a URL listed on the contract. These terms are not present on the contract itself, or any signed addendum to said contract, thus cannot be proven to have been agreed to by either party. This is a legal concept called non-repudiation and it, effectively, renders terms not explicitly present in an unmodiefied, signed, and dated document invalid.


I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. The definitions provided and legal concepts discussed, however, are factualy and accurate. Consult your attorney for more information.

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