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When They Do Something Right

Comcast does not offer any way to do this so I'm posting here.   I promised I would say something so I am.  This is the rare "thanks" to a tech support guru.


Back in November (I'm a slacker for it taking so long but just came across my notes and never got a survey with which I could communicate this) we had some serious issues with our router and topology such that some configs needed to be done locally on the router and at the central office.  During that evening, I had spoken to 4 other techs but none of them could tell me definitively what needed to be done nor if it had been done.  I got a few different and somewhat contradictory answers in which I had little confidence.


Enter Chelsea (tech ID JE=) and her supervisor Eric (7N-).  Chelsea had it handled!  She knew exactly what to do, did it, had me test something and like 3 minutes later bwala...connectivity!   World order restored and everything was working smoothly (it was two hours on the phone with Comcast before this point).  When I aksed why the other techs didn't know this, she explained that it took being there for a while in order to understand all the differnt channels that could be checked for correcting whatever it was that needed to be corrected.  But she knew what to do.  How is it that 4 other techs didn't know what to do?  Where's the training?


So, I have a proposal for Comcast.  Find Chelsea if she's still there, give her a big <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Language"> raise (something, really significant... and worthy of her ability to possibly restore the faith of someone who has dealt with Comcast since the early naughts and has had little faith in them ever) and make her a trainer or a manager of trainers.  Give her resources to create training to explain all the ins and outs of her job.  The nuance, the dust places where answers are still relevant   Her knowledge, if still within the Comcast ecosystem is very valuable to you and it's stagnant if it just stays with her.


Do it, do it now.


This may never get to anyone who has any power, but if it does and Chelsea sees it, good on ya Chelesa.  And Thanks!!





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Re: When They Do Something Right

Hi outsideedge25 and welcome to the business forums.


Thanks for reaching out about your experience with Chelsea. If you would like, I can make sure that Chelsea receives this feedback. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business account. 

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