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What plan do I have?



My bill shows:


Buscls Internet Premium for $99.95 per month.


I also have business class phone for $39.95 (-discount) per month


This plan seems not to fit any of the current plans offered by ComCast:


16/3 with phone $89.95

50/10 with phone $129.95

75/15 with phone $169.95

100/20 with phone $219.95



I'd say my plan is close to the 50/10 but I sure don't get anything that close.  Last speed test done just today shows:




Have the plans changed?  If so why have I not been offered to convert to one of these newer plans?



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Re: What plan do I have?

Hello mrh and welcome,


Your Premium Internet Tier @ 99.95 is ~27 Mbps down / and ~7 Mbps up. This is an older Internet tier that some regions do not offer any longer, however and apparently, your still does.


Hope this helps you out. 

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