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We will be leaving Comcast

 I have been without internet for over  17 days.  Our  Business has 23 employees and our payroll, dispatching, customer data etc all relies on internet access.  We have a server but our offices cannot communicate with it. I had internet but 4 days after the hurricane hit Comcast and FPL came one my street and replaced some poles.  After that, I had no service. They sent a technician out and verified that all my cable was ok but we were receiving no signal.  Finally, they discovered I have my own node.  This was done because they probably planned for a lot more customers. Anyway each time they send out a technician he says it is a bad node and sends it back to dispatch, who in turn send out another technician who does the same thing.  There is no one to talk to and this process continues.   There is working cable service all around me but they are fed by a different node.  This is crazy.  CenturyLink will be in next Friday to install temporary DSL and then they will connect fiber optic to my centers within 60 days.  Bye Bye Comcast.

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Re: We will be leaving Comcast


Hi weikosteve and welcome to the support forums.


I am sorry to hear about your experience in regards to your services. I would like to go ahead and review your service issues. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business.

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