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Upgraded service-now double billing

We were recently visited by Comcast sales at our business offering savings if we went with voice and internet, at the time we only had internet. We accepted and now we are being billed on two accounts, our old account for internet and a new account for voice and internet. What a welcome, it's amazing the difference in service levels when trying to sell you something and once they have you. No problem I have all the time in the world to deal with my new Comcast problem. Lastly, I asked the sales reps if I signed with them for another service would they promise to stop the obnoxious rate of junk mail our business is receiving from Comcast and like any good sales rep he said absolutely. Didn't happen either. No wonder our rates are increasing at the rate they are. A message to Comcast from a "customer/consumer"; please quit slamming our mail boxes. The result, happy customers, lower rates and higher profit margins for Comcast investors.
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Re: Upgraded service-now double billing

HI Rw.  I apologize for problems you encountered with upgrading the service.  I will engage the Billing Team to assist with resolution.


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