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Unable to link multiple accounts

I've taken over paying all the accounts my office has.  I'm not quite sure how many there are, possibly 10 or more separate accounts.  I've tried linking but only half have been linked successfully.  When they do not work, I get the "invalid account number" error when I'm using the account number on the bill. The total balances are currently all incorrect (home office is working on that issue) so I only want to pay the new charges which I can't seem to do on the unlinked accounts unless I call in and speak with someone.  And of course, I keep getting charged a convenience fee on those accounts.  I don't want to call in to pay but the customer service folks I speak with have told me that not all accounts are "linkable".  Is this true?  I was also told to use another email address to set up the accounts online.  I only have one work email address and I am only authorized to use that one when paying bills.  Any suggestions?  Customer service has not been very helpful over the phone.

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