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Unable to access invoices

I currently manage 4 existing Comcast business accounts (each with their own online account as well), and after receiving the usual email alerting me that the monthly statements were available for two of them, after logging in to each account to retrieve them I found that they are now both appearing as new accounts awaiting service installation which is not the case, and there are no invoices available for either of them.  One of the accounts provides the internet service for one of our regional offices, and if the service were to be shut off for non-payment that would mean that an entire location would be down!  I've called customer service only to be transferred and dsconnected and am very frustrated, so if anyone has any ideas on how to correct this issue and perhaps a workaround to be able to obtain and pay my invoices I would greatly appreciate it!!


Thanks so much for any input or advice!


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Re: Unable to access invoices

Hello cmient and welcome,


I recommend that you contact 800-391-3000, use billing option, provide your Comcast Account #, inform the billing agent of your Business Class Portal (BCP) issues and have that billing agent log into your account and check things out. If the billing agent find a problem then he/she should put in a Tier2 ticket to get any BCP issue resolved. Lastly, if you need any billing statements, simply have the billing agent email what you need.


Hope this helps you out. 

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