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Trying to move service

To whom it concerns,

For the past 4 years, our business has benefited greatly from having Comcast as our internet service provider.  We have experienced minimal downtime and recommend the business class service to all our clients if they have Comcast in their area.  Contrary to the reports on the internet, we value our service.

In October of this year, we determined that our current service location at [Removed] was becoming too small for the number of clients we service.  Our company, Cornerstone Technologies of Indiana, started as a computer repair facility and has grown every year.  We now are a growing service provider for outsourced IT services from clients around the East Coast.  Our level of service requires reliable high-speed internet to be able to meet the needs of our clients.  Because our current property has become too small, we went property searching.

We found a property at [Removed].  Upon learning more about the property, we found that Comcast was not currently servicing this location.  We contacted a representative at [Removed] a Mr Bryan Vandaleer(?) On October 6, 2015 after a number of conversations, Bryan indicated that we could get service at a cost of $1384.00.  At this point we felt confident that we could put in an offer for the property at [Removed] and that we could make it work for our business.  Our offer was accepted.

Then Mr Vandaleer fell of the planet and no one has been able to assist us in getting service to this location.  We are constantly being told different costs, sometimes in excess of $10,000 for running the necessary infrastructure.  The justification is that the property is currently a residential property in which people live there.  However, we have been dealing with Krystal Walton at[Removed] and for whatever reason we are getting strong resistance.  We know about Comcast policy of not supporting home based businesses (which seems short sighted to me), and understand why it is in place.  However, we have been upfront in wanting to keep Comcast for our business.

109 Airport Road in located in White Township, which has NO ZONING.  I can buy any property I want and do with it as I please.  I intend to move my business to this property because that is what it was purchased for.  I feel that it is insufficient for a person to use a third party service like Zillow to determine what a property is or isn't.  There currently is no signage because the property does not come under my ownership until November 30, 2015.  Knowing Comcasts policy, we even have a commercial loan for the property because we do not intend or plan on living there.

We are willing and wanting to commit to Comcast for any number of years and pay what is fair to get service.  There have been a number of infrastructure changes in the immediate area that any site survey or engineer might have overlooked if they came in the last 6 weeks.  These changes surely make running fibre or whatever a bit easier.

Please contact me as soon as possible: [Removed] so that we may continue to rely on Comcast for our business data needs.  Im trying hard to sing the praises of Comcast, but it seems that Comcast has no interest in retaining a customer who actually wants to stay a customer.

Amy Farren
Cornerstone Technologies of Indiana

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