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Transferring my service: Never was harder than this.

The Saga of trying to transfer my service continues. Yesterday I called in and got some information about the transfer of my business class services to a new location. The guy on the phone was rude in answering some of my questions. So I stopped asking him and got some information from internet. I called back today and right before I was going to get sent a new contract document for transfer, support executive found out I was talking to another guy yesterday and forwarded me to him, abandoning the process. I got his voice mail. I need to take care of this now, so I called back comcast again. This time I got an excuse that everyone is super busy and only that guy can help me. This seems not right! Only minutes ago they were going to go through the transfer!


This is just not a good experience at all. I am sorry for everyone else who also went through this. 


Re: Transferring my service: Never was harder than this.



I do apologize for all your issues. I'm contacting the local area to have someone contact you about this transfer.

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Re: Transferring my service: Never was harder than this.

I feel ya!  I have been trying for 4 days just to get a confirmation.  My "rep" is evasive and uninformative.  I was transferred to his supervisor that doesn't anwer her phone or email.


I am moving tomorrow, my business goes with me and I can't get a straight answer out of these folks, business class is supposed to be a better class of service, not giving everyone the business.


I signed up for Business Class phone and internet.....what a bunch of baloney.  The only thing business class about the service is the lack of sevice.


First it took over two months to get my service working as advertised.  Now I am moving and I can't even get them to answer my emails or phone calls the day before the move!  I have been trying to get someone to tell me when it will happen but they say they are building the address into the system.  FOR 4 DAYS?!?


I tried to get them to transfer the service and original contract, but they insist on a new contract and if I only go for 1 year, the price goes up nearly 700 dollars over that year.  If I go with two years they will forego 350 of it but I haven't any reason to stay with them excepting the enormous contract termination fee that I would have to pay.


This company has been given carte blanche by the local governments and feels no need to provide the service they advertise because there is no one else.  The oversight committes in the local governments are rubber stamps and do nothing except take tax dollars for it.


This company is supposed to be ruled by public utilities rules and regulations.  In my case they are in breach of contract, but I can't afford the attorney it would take to get out of the contract, nor can I afford the termination fees.  There should be some way for the general public to influence the local government in the decision making regarding cable and internet providers.


Maybe we, all of the unhappy customers, should start a petition to change the provider in our area.  That might wake Comcast up to the fact that derive their incomes from their customers.