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Transfer from Business to Residential

I am having a hard time getting clear information on how to transfer from a Business Class account to Residential.


The account started as Residential when I relocated to Minneapolis a few years ago. Since I work from home a lot and wanted a static IP for web hosting projects, I made the switch to Residential. At that time, my email address was saved and linked to the new Business account. A while back I called support trying to get that email account to use IMAP and was told that since it is on a Residential account that it was not possible and the account could not be moved to the Business servers. (no longer an issue now that it is offered)


Long story short, nobody can tell me how I can keep the original email account and transfer services to Residential. The customer service chat and phone people could make no gaurntee. On the phone, they were happy to sign me up but could not offer the same online deal. Online chat just wanted to close the deal but said I could not keep the email address.


How do I make this change?

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Re: Transfer from Business to Residential

Welcome chinnsc.  To change your service from Business to Residential, it will be necessary to speak with the Residential Services Department @ 1-800 COMCAST as customer proprietary information is required for service changes.  Once the residential account is established, your  ex..  <>  email addresses can be migrated to the new account number.  However your  ex.. <> cannot migrate to a Residential Services account. 


Thank You