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The worst customer service ever

Dear sir/madam,


I'm a Comcast business customer for many years. I've never called customer service until recenlty and learned that Comcast has the worst customer service I've ever seen.


Let's see the facts.


1. I signed a renewed service contract on 02/18.  My monthly payment should be lowered.


2. I checked my billing on 04/15 and found that I'm still paying the same amount.(I'm not mad at this since everybody makes mistakes)


3. I called the customer service. The rep told me that I had to call back the next day to a special department. I asked her to pass the message but she refused. Her explanation? She has no way to pass the message. (I'm not mad at this either since it is a big company and communication is difficult)


4. I asked her to route me to her supervisor. She said OK and then routed my call to "the special department", which was closed. (This is unacceptable. If she refuses to route me to her boss, I can understand. But she agreed and then cheated, it is simply an insulting).


5. I checked online for my service request, Tikcet # CR365295032. The summary said " BC - Misrouted Call". (Not acceptable. This rep doesn't qualify the job. She doesn't have the basic honesty and integrity).


It is a pity and I feel sorry for Comcast.  It is such a big company who never knows that their customer service rep was so rude to its valued customers.  Say silly me still has some hope, please do something.




Your long time customer, who's been paying you  thousands of dollars a year

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Community Manager

Re: The worst customer service ever

HIghfly.  I apologize for the problems you've encountered in your efforts to resolve this issue.  I have engaged the Regional Support Center to assist with resolution and follow up.


Thank You

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