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I'm sure Comcast business gets a lot of complaints online, but I wanted to post a Thank You.  While I had a frustrating time calling for support,  the number of things that want to restart my modem and have me wait 5 minutes is crazy, when I reached someone he assured me that the problem was fixed.  Since I could not confirm without hanging up I fear I was short with him.  But sure enough, he was correct.  Problem resolved.  Never believe Windows when it tells you no Internet access.  Thank you to the support person I spoke with and my apologies for being short and curt.  An outage just before the holiday was not in the plan.

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Re: Thanks

We really appreciate that, misko and are really glad that he was able to help! If you happen to want us to try and track him down to pass on the kudos, you can send a private message by clicking on my handle (Comcast_Gina) and letting us know his name if you remember, the account number that he was working on and the approximate time and day. If not, that's okay too and I hope you have a wonderful holiday either way!

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