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Terrible service and even worse customer service

Yes, this is a major issue.  We have a restaurant with a large catering and delivery business.  Our phones and internet first went down Tuesday, July 12th.  It was only from 12p-730p, so we figured just a glitch, though a costly one to us. Unfortunately the problem continued until 8pm Tuesday, July 19th.  After many promises of fixing it, looking into it, and too many "I am sorry" comments to count, we have come to the conclusion that Comcast is terrible at all aspects of business.  I have even gotten used to them blowing it off as not important to them.


What steams me is the $100 credit they offered and the credit of the $99.99 service charge they put on my account when a tech stopped in and told me there was a problem in the area.  


Still waiting for the "supervisor" to call back.  


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Re: Terrible service and even worse customer service

Time for a dual wan router and a backup dsl or P2P wireless link if an SLA based internet connection is not within the budget.

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