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Terrible online bill-pay, phone customer service, and options to file a complaint

Comcast Business' online bill-pay is the worst of all online bill-paying services I use for utilities, banking, etc.  Every other account allows me to input payment account information, which is then saved.  WIth Comcast Business, I have to re-enter it each time.  The last time, I entered the information incorrectly, which caused our payment not to be registered (although I got a confirmation number).  Unfortunately, this was after I accidentally did not pay my bill the previous time.  I'll fully admit my error, excused only that I'm working out a temporary office and that the bill was misfiled after being copied for an expense report.  I do not pay my bills late, and my history with Comcast, both business and residential, would show that.

When I called customer service questioning why there was no record of my payment for both months, the woman I spoke with had real attitude, would not give her name, and said she didn't have a supervisor when I asked for one.  She acted as though I were a criminal who always paid late, and started to patronize me by calling me "Ma'am."  After looking everywhere on the website, I found no way to file a complaint other than this forum... or to call customer service again.  Sorry, I already tried that route.

I've been irritated with the online billing since I started using it.  Nowhere is there an option to set up email warnings that my bill is coming due or that I have missed a payment (all available with every other online bill I pay).  If either of these existed, I would have noticed my initial error when things were going a little crazy around here.  Should I just use auto-pay?  Not after the forum posts I've read here.  Unfortunately, Comcast has a monopoly on business internet where we're located.  How convenient.





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Re: Terrible online bill-pay, phone customer service, and options to file a complaint

My Comcast Business Internet is a fixed price, the same every month after installation.  To avoid jlw's kind of problem, after two or three incorrect bills I simply told the rep that my bank would send them a check for the correct amount every month.  If you have a variable bill amount, this process should be modified to include downloading the PDF of your bill followed by instructions to your bank.  This way you have control of the payments and the bank has good records of uttering the check as well as subsequent events like clearing of the check.

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