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Tax Exempt

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Tax Exempt

I have been trying to get a billing issue resolved since January of 2018.  We have been charged sales tax, we are tax exempt - for a period of time the taxes were not charged, but they have shown up again - and have been consistant for the last 13 months.  I have spoken to numerous people on the phone - but DO NOT have time to sit on hold continously to have this resolved.  For such a large company - why is it so difficult to have such a common problem resolved ( I say common, becaused based on the issues I have read about in the Forum, I see I am not the only one.  I would like to have this situation resolved ASAP.  

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Re: Tax Exempt

Thank you for reaching out to us about your Comcast Business account and billing. I'm happy to assist you further with this. Let's get your account pulled up to review this further. Please provide your Comcast Business account number, complete address along with your name.