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Switchover problem

  I am a small business owner.  I switched over to Comcast in December.  I assumed that all the technicalities of making such a switch would be handled by Comcast.  I assumed that Comcast could handle cancelling all my old lines as they replaced them with Comcast lines.  I assumed wrong.  Comcast ported over my two main lines (phone and fax).  My other two lines were roll over lines which they replaced.  But no one told me that I would need to contact the prior carrier to cancel these lines and because I didn't they continued to be billed to me.  I paid the first month thinking it was a partial months charge from the switchover. When I got the second months bill, I called customer service at my prior carrier and got put on permanent hold.   I emailed them instead but got no response.  When I got another bill this month, I called them again and was informed that no one ever cancelled these two roll-over lines so I was responsible for the bill until today.  When I talked to Comcast customer service, I was basically told that they were not responsible for informing me to cancel the other lines and would accept no culpability for the charges from the other carrier.  So, now I am out $200+ because Comcast didn't cancel the roll over lines from my prior carrier nor inform me to call myself.  I am sure that the typical response will be that it is not Comcast's fault but I think it is really bad customer service to not have taken care of this.  My internet is definitely faster but everything else about Comcast business has pretty much been a nightmare.

   At the time of installation, I lost several days of phone and internet service due to errors on the part of the technician.  Again, we were told it was not Comcast's fault.  Last week, we lost 4 hours of phone and internet due to some system problem.  Once again, sorry but that's the way it is.  If someone asked, I would not be able to recommend Comcast Business.

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