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Switch over to Comcast Business Problems and additional expense incurred

Since we have switched our business to Comcast in December 2016 we have had nothing but problems and lost revenue. To start, they did not properly "time" to switch over our 800 line, which was in the original paperwork order, and we use as our main advertising took two weeks for us to realize it and we had to call them about it, then it took another few weeks to get it done because it had to be ordered. Then another line we have had for over 15 years that was on the original work order as well and to be ported to them to take over was never done. We didn't realize it until 4 months later, because it was a individual department fax line that isn't used often. We were fortunate enough to call AT & T and find out the number was still available but we had to spend money to reconnect it to us then have them port it. We also had rollover from our Stuart lines to our main line which was also not done but we were able to catch that quickly as some customers reached out to us to tell us the line just rang and rang so we had to call and have it corrected and the forwards put in their system...again all of this was gone over with them on the original work order and over the phone more than once! We also need our caller id's to read our name and main line instead of the multipe lines we have. They never did that. Even with calling and asking it to be done, it took hours of calls and promises. When their system kicks out the request due to "error" it cancelled our work order? Thankfully we checked it and had to call again and have it done. We also had two lines, again all on our original order, that I just got a call from them last month on-becuase they realized they weren't ported qand gave us two new numbers--which was a bunch of extra internal work to phone lists and vendors etc. for yet another "error"! This "Corporate American" company is apparently not appreciative for the working businesses and quality is not a concern! There has been no customer relationship with us and a business of our volume. I am extremely displeased with the services we have received and not received and it has cost us over $1200 is additional private phone vendor and IT visit and bills, not to mention the lost customers who called another contractor because they couldn't reach us.

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Re: Switch over to Comcast Business Problems and additional expense incurred

Hello Air6326 and welcome to forums,


I truly apologize for the frustrating customer service experience thus far. I know that porting numbers especially toll-free numbers can be difficult in itself. I want to double check with you to see if things are "up to par". Please message back with any issues that I can help you with to make your experience with us a better one.


Thank You

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