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Storm related outage and repair


Storm related outage and repair

The aerial cable for our service broke during an ice storm Friday night/Saturday morning.

The business portal shows a service outage, and I assumed there may be more damage in the area impacting overall service, but I wanted to make sure the damage specific to my property was reported. I called the Comcast Business line and after 5 frustrating attempts (receiving a recorded message that they were aware of a service outage and an agent would not be able to assist, redirecting me back to the main menu, and outright just ending the call) I was able to get a live agent on the phone. I explained the issue and she generated an ER ticket, telling me that I should hear back from someone by Tuesday. My wife and I both work from home and this connectivity is critical for us to do our jobs. If I won't be hearing from someone until Tuesday I have no idea what that means for timing to get service restored. 

I tried to call in today to see if there were any options for providing temporary service until the aerial cable could be repaired, but I was unable to get through on the business support number (kept receiving the message that they were aware of the service interuption, and the call would end). 

The portal does show a service outage and the estimated time to repair keeps extending (which is understandable considering the damage is contained on my property), so I am not sure at this point how to get any sort of status or time estimate on repairs, which makes it difficult to know if I should cancel meetings for the week or see if I can get service from a different ISP activated quickly to get some sort of connection back.

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Re: Storm related outage and repair

Hello, thanks for taking the time to share this experience. It sounds like there was some severe weather going on in your area and I hope everything is okay. I apologize you have had a poor experience trying to get in contact with a Comcast representative over the phone while this work is pending. I will follow up on the work in progress, the open ticket, and your account. Can you please send a private message when you have a moment so I can assist you further? Please include the account number, the phone number associated with your account, and your entire service address. (with the city, state, and zip code)