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Sold the store and still have to pay for the service?

I have phone and internet services with contract that suppose to end in 2 yrs from today but we ended up selling our store and the new owners don't want the same services. But in order to disconnect all the service I was told to pay $1483 termination fee. How is this possible? I understand I signed the contract for 3 or more years because that was the only available option at that time and now we just sold our store. And the rep was keep telling me to take the services to home, we already have the same services under another contract. I am regretting very deeply to do business with Comcast.

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Re: Sold the store and still have to pay for the service?

Hello sjun85 and welcome,


I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. However, you may want to consider some of these following suggestive recommendations:


1. The new owner of your store may want to keep your telephone numbers for your installed customer base. This can be easily done by transferring the finacial responsibility to the new owner. After this is complete, new owner can then make any services adjustments (add or remove) to that account to accommodate whatever services he would like to have. This would save the new owner any installation, provisioning or activation fees for his new Comcast services.


2. Transferring your business service to you home is another option for only you Internet and Telephone due to Comcast does not allow Business TV service at a customer's home business. This alternative could allow you to cancel any of your current residential services and replace with any of your available business services. This would also allow you to keep your store telephone number, as well.


Hope this helps you out.


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